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Wenzhou Juxin Forging Company

Opening Times

Mondays - Fridays
8:30am - 5:30pm
8:30am - 3:00pm
Sundays & Bank Holidays

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TEL 086577 86370626
FAX 086577 86837676
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Juxin Company > Products

Juxin Company Products

Our product ranges include:

Connecting Rods Mould Forging Part
Forgings of connecting rod for various automobiles

Crankshaft Mould Forging Part
Forgings of crankshaft for various automobiles

Rubber Track Iron Core Mould Forging Part
Forgings of Rubber Track Iron Core for various project and mine

Under Bracket For Motorcycle Mould Forging Part Used
Forgings of nether side rod for various motorcycles

Valve Mould Forging Part
Forgings of Valve for various valves

Other Products
brake tools and diagnostic equipment, flexible hoses, handbrake cables, caliper pistons, caliper seal kits and more.

Wenzhou Juxin Forging Company - Tianzhusi Road,Yongzhong,Longwan,Wenzhou,China
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Juxin Company